iWISE detectors incorporating Anti-CloakTM Technology (ACTTM) assure that no intruder passes undetected. ACTTM makes the iWISE detector series the premier choice for any commercial, industrial or harsh residential installation.
The breakthrough of Anti-CloakTM Technology is automatic criteria driven switching from dual-channel to single-channel microwave alarm triggering. Rokonet’s innovative ACTTM enables benefiting from both worlds: dual technology’s immunity to false alarms, together with microwave’s higher detection capability.

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  • MW & PIR/Quad PIR technologies
  • Anti-CloakTM Technology (patent pending)
  • Coverage up to 25m (82 ft)
  • Trouble indication
  • Creep zone
  • Microwave range adjustment
  • Flexible installation height up to 3.3m (10’10”)
  • Low current consumption
  • 30V/M RF immunity
  • Anti-fluorescentinterferencesignal processing
  • Wall/cornerorceilingswivel(optional)
  • Walltamper-proofswivel(optional) q Long range lens

Anti-CloakTM Technology
The proprietary Anti-CloakTM Technology will cope with any attempt of a burglar using camouflage techniques to conceal his IR radiation. When this situation is identified ACTTM automatically switches the detector to trigger alarms based primarily on detection of the microwave channel for a predefined window of time. This extraordinary performance is achieved by unique analysis of the signals in the microprocessor using innovative pattern recognition algorithms. The technology enables the detector to achieve extremely high detection performance and still cope with all sources of false alarms such as thermal or electrical interferences.
ACTTM also overcomes PIR technology’s limitation of poor detection sensitivity when the ambient temperature is close to that of the human body. When this occurs the detector automatically switches to single channel microwave triggering of alarms.
For extremely harsh environments the dual technology model with quad PIR sensors is recommended.


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