ViTRON glass-break detectors add important perimeter protection for shop windows and residences. The main advantage is monitoring of glass-breakage, alarming and scaring away burglars while they are still outside.
ViTRON microprocessor uses unique pattern recognition analysis of the characteristic frequencies and sequences of framed pane glass breakage, providing superior detection combined with excellent false alarm immunity. These adjustment-free and easy-to-install units detect breaking of all standard framed glass types and thickness, while ignoring non-framed glass breakage and other possible sources of false alarms.
ViTRON is Adjustment Free – eliminating the “human factor” and simplifying the installation. This is enabled due to Rokonet’s highly reliable pattern recognition algorithms, and because each detector’s sensitivity is automatically calibrated during production.

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Installation flexibility of ViTRON is high; flush mounted, surface mounted, corner mounted or swivel mounted, on any wall or ceiling. The optional swivel bracket enables optimal mounting and performance in any environment. The ViTRON has been subjected to exhaustive testing of glass panes broken under real world conditions, ensuring certain detection when the protected glass is actually broken. The added benefit of ViTRON lies in its easy testing capabilities. The ViTRON Tester enables full remote test including alarm relay activation, without opening the unit. Also automatic “dead microphone” supervision test is continuously performed, by monitoring for environmental sounds.
ViTRON Features Microprocessor-based Acoustic Pattern Recognition Adjustment Free for reliable and easy installation 9m (30ft) range Protects all framed glass types: plate, tempered, laminated, and wired Flush mount (single gang box), surface mount, corner mount or optional swivel mount Omni-directional microphone Full remote test without opening unit Memory (latch) indication Dead microphone supervision


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