Simple yet Flexible
ProSYS.FreeCom is an Integrated Security System that is simple to install yet has the flexibility and comprehensive set of features to suit any application.

Save Time and Money
Install RISCO Bus Detectors with Remote Control & Diagnostics for extra profit by saving on cabling, zone expanders, installation time and on-site maintenance

Unrivalled Dual-Path Signaling
ProSYS.FreeCom has an unrivalled dual-path signaling solution with totally integrated IP and GPRS communication from within the main box. This dual-path solution is integrated and compatible with leading signaling and monitoring solutions.

ProSYS.FreeCom is modular and expandable. Install a basic intruder system and add modules and functionality – be it dual-path IP and GSM/GPRS communication, Access Control, Voice Module or Wireless – as customer needs and budget evolves.

Field Proven and Compliant with International Standards
ProSYS.FreeCom has a proven track record with installations in thousands of organizations, including banks, commercial, retail and public establishments.
ProSYS.FreeCom meets EN50131-1 Security Grade 3 and Environmental Class II.

Suits Large and Multi-Site Projects
ProSYS.FreeCom installations controlled by SynopSYSTM Security & Building Management software enable very large installations with a virtually unlimited number of zones.

RISCO Group’s Exceptional Reliability and Support
All the above combined with RISCO Group renowned support and training make ProSYS.FreeCom the premier choice for your security system.

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RISCO Bus Accessories

RISCO Bus detectors and sounders with remote control & diagnostics save time and money on cabling, zone expanders, installation and on- site maintenance.

  • Outdoor, industrial, high-ceiling and commercial detectors
iWISE Bus detectors include an extra zone input, for addition of a door/window contact, or any detector, saving wiring back to the panel
  • Unique external sounder with long life Surface-Light Technology strobe

Keypads, Proximity Keys & Audio

  • Low Profile Touchscreen Keypads with proximity
  • Intuitive menu-driven user interface
Interactive voice module with full menu guide, remote messages and operation, listen-in and speak-in to the premises
  • Proximity Key Readers for easy arm/disarm operation
  • Program Transfer Module for program backup and copying to other systems

AGM Module

  • Advanced GSM/GPRS module

  • Primary or Backup operation modes

  • GPRS Class 10 connectivity

  • Central station reporting via GPRS and SMS to the IP/GSM Receiver, with 128bit AES encryption and polling
  • Selective Voice/SMS/Email event messages
  • SMS remote control of the panel with confirmation of command execution

  • Supports remote Upload/Download

  • Support for prepaid SIM cards
  • Installed in ProSYSTM enclosure or separate metal housing

Wireless Expansion ProSYSTM offers a wide range of wireless accessories for those difficult to wire locations

  • Noise measurement and detector signal strength displayed on LCD keypad
  • Outdoor, PIR, PIR pet, shock, glassbreak, door/window contacts, smoke, flood, gas and CO detectors
  • Keyfobs and panic transmitters

Access Control

  • Integrated Access Control with anti-passback, up to 16 readers/doors

  • Supports magnetic, proximity, barcode and biometric readers (Wiegand and Clock&Data protocols)

IP/GSM Receiver Software

  • A Monitoring Station software package that operates in conjunction with the ACM or AGM

  • The software receives the encrypted protocol from the ACM or the AGM and translates the events into standard protocols used by Monitoring Station applications.
Vault Module

  • Vault Control Module (VCU) for securing up to 8 vaults or ATMs
  • VCU installed inside the vault and controls the electro-me

Power Supplies

  • 3A Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS) with full supervision and advanced remote diagnostics
  • 1.5A supervised power supply
  • Fast PSTN Modem 2400bps

    • A new optional communication accessory that allows upload/download at 2400bps


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