Simple yet Flexible
ProSYS.FreeCom is an Integrated Security System that is simple to install yet has the flexibility and comprehensive set of features to suit any application.

Save Time and Money
Install RISCO Bus Detectors with Remote Control & Diagnostics for extra profit by saving on cabling, zone expanders, installation time and on-site maintenance

Unrivalled Dual-Path Signaling
ProSYS.FreeCom has an unrivalled dual-path signaling solution with totally integrated IP and GPRS communication from within the main box. This dual-path solution is integrated and compatible with leading signaling and monitoring solutions.

ProSYS.FreeCom is modular and expandable. Install a basic intruder system and add modules and functionality – be it dual-path IP and GSM/GPRS communication, Access Control, Voice Module or Wireless – as customer needs and budget evolves.

Field Proven and Compliant with International Standards
ProSYS.FreeCom has a proven track record with installations in thousands of organizations, including banks, commercial, retail and public establishments.
ProSYS.FreeCom meets EN50131-1 Security Grade 3 and Environmental Class II.

Suits Large and Multi-Site Projects
ProSYS.FreeCom installations controlled by SynopSYSTM Security & Building Management software enable very large installations with a virtually unlimited number of zones.

RISCO Group’s Exceptional Reliability and Support
All the above combined with RISCO Group renowned support and training make ProSYS.FreeCom the premier choice for your security system.