The iWISE DT AM G3 detectors are the ultimate motion detectors for professional installations, incorporating both Anti-Mask and Anti-CloakTM Technologies (ACTTM), adhering to new environmentally friendly guidelines and complying with PD 6662, EN 50131-1, TS50131-2-4 Grade 3 requirements.
In response to the recent growth in environmental awareness, RISCO Group has implemented a new “Green Line” concept in the iWISE DT AM G3 series, by effectively eliminating surplus MW radiation during unset periods.
iWISE DT AM G3 detectors are available in 15m and 25m models, and include built-in end-of-line (EOL) resistors to simplify installation. iWISE DT Grade 2 with Green Line & ACTTM are also available.