The iWISE QUAD has two independent dual-element PIR sensors and processing channels, to reduce false alarms and improve catch performance in hostile environments.
iWISE QUAD is an improved version of Rokonet’s best selling COSMoS PQ-Quad, with an improved lens design and Intelligent Digital Signal Processing (DSP).
Move to the iWISE series of cutting edge professional detectors, the wisest choice for your customer’s peace of mind and your bottom line!

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  • Two independentdual-elementsensorsand processing channels Coverage15m(50ft)
  • Intelligent Digital Signal Processing algorithms
  • Flexible installation
  • heightupto3.3m(10’10”)
  • 3 LEDs fo professional walk test and trouble indication
  • Superior false alarm rejection of white light and hot air turbulence
  • High RFI immunity
  • Optional ceiling/wall/corner-mountswivel brackets

iWISE Intelligent Digital Signal Processing
iWISE QUAD is an improved version of Rokonet’s best-selling COSMoS PQ-Quad, with better detection AND better false alarm immunity.
iWISE QUAD has an improved lens design and Intelligent Digital Signal Processing methods that automatically adjust the alarm threshold and pulse count verification according to the actual event occurring.
The challenge facing all detector manufacturers is where to set the threshold for alarm. Too high – and the detector is not responsive enough. Too low – and the detector will false alarm. The solution is to take into account as many factors as possible and to adjust the threshold level in real-time according to the event taking place.
iWISE Digital Signal Processing algorithms take into account environmental and intruder behavior factors in order to make an intelligent alarm decision. Among these are True Temperature Compensation, Frequency Compensation and Automatic pulse count adjustment.


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