Main Features
NEW! K-band microwave for superior performance and false alarm immunity
NEW! Internal cover protecting the PCB
NEW! Elegant sleek design with a single convex lens
• Dual MW and PIR technologies
• 15m (50’) coverage
• Anti-CloakTM technology (ACTTM)
• Green LineTM for disabling the MW during disarm
• Active IR Anti-mask on Grade 3 models
• Built-in Triple EOL resistors, jumper selectable
• Opto relays for defeating large magnets
• Cover and wall/corner tampers
• Corridor and Curtain lenses (optional)

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BWare™ is RISCO Group’s state-of-the-art commercial detector series. Powered by RISCO’s detection technologies, these elegant and easy to install detectors are ideal for commercial, institutional and high-end residential installations. BWare™ is extremely reliable thanks to its usage of K-band microwave and other unique detection technologies. A convex lens provides enhanced catch performance and gold-plated wall and cover tampers for higher reliability.

Unique Technologies

K-band Microwave
K-band microwave technology delivers sharper detection and uniform coverage of the detection area, through reduced wall penetration, minimizing false alarms from external movement.

Anti-CloakTM Technology
ACTTM enables Indoor DT detectors to identify cloaked burglars, generating superior catch performance by switching to microwave-only mode either when room temperature is close to body temperature or when a cloaking attempt is recognised.

Green LineTM Technology
Green LineTM minimizes surplus radiation emission by disabling the active microwave channel when the alarm system is in disarm mode, while occupants are in the premises.
Active Infra-red for Anti-mask in DT and PIR Detectors
Active IR continuously checks the physical capability of the detector to see through the lens.

Intelligent Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
An advanced PIR signal processing technology for indoor detectors, DSP customizes the PIR-beam alarm threshold to the intruder speed.


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