Data Sheet: Leader TI Data Sheet.pdf

Powerful, quiet and compact sized. Bronze transmission gearing and practical release handle with key-lock for manual operation. Quick and simple to install, it can easily fit on almost any kind of swing gate. Power supply 230V and 24V, for intensive use and emergency opening by battery pack in case of power-failure

LEADER 3 TI230V-115Virreversible, leaf up to2.0 m350 Kg
LEADER 4 TI230V-115Virreversible, leaf up to2.8 m350 Kg
LEADER 5 TI230V-115Virreversible, leaf up to3.5 m250 Kg
LEADER 3 TI 2424Virreversible, leaf up to2.0 m270 Kg
LEADER 4 TI 2424Virreversible, leaf up to2.5 m250 Kg
LEADER 5 TI 2424Virreversible, leaf up to3.0 m150 Kg