Ixengo S/L 3S

Durable, efficient and safe for iron-and-steel gates

Pack includes: 2 motor + 2 keygo4 + antenna + control box + photocells + battery + orange light

Ixengo S/L 24 Data Sheet

S: Robustness for leaf up to 200 kg & 1.8 m in residential or commercial.

L: Robustness for leaf up to 400 kg & 4 m in residential or commercial.

Self learning programming system: Autoregulation of speed and torque in relation with the gate weight (24V version only).

Intuitive programming interface: Direct view on a large LCD screen to facilitate parameters modification (24V version only).

Precise adjustment of leaf position: Magnetic integrated end limit switch.

Backup battery pack (option) in case of power failure (24V version only).



Technical characteristicsIxengo S 24Ixengo L 24
Standard Kit reference12163081216309
Comfort Kit reference12163101216311
Motor power supply24 Vdc24 Vdc
Power consumption40 W40 W
Push and pull force2,000 N2,000 N
Working stroke280 mm410 mm
Stem speed14 mm/s14 mm/s
Max. number of operations/day6060
Motor working time - Max safety time300 s300 s
Max. leaf length1,800 mm3,000 mm without / 4,000 mm with electric lock
Max. leaf weight200 kg400 kg
Operating temperature-20°C to +60°C-20°C to +60°C
Protection factorIP 54IP 54
Number of remote controls that can be memorized3636


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