Elixo 3S 500

Reliable, hard-wearing, silent for sliding gates

Pack includes: 1 motor + 2 keygo4 + antenna + control box + battery + photocells + orange light

Elixo 3S 500 RTS Data Sheet

Robustness for gate up to 500 kg in residential or commercial.

Self learning programming system: Autoregulation of speed and torque in relation with the gate weight (24V version only).

Intuitive programming interface: Direct view on a large LCD screen to facilitate parameters modification (24V version only).

Compatible with solar system: No need for power supply (24V version only).

Backup battery pack (option) in case of power failure (24V version only).

Mechanical declutching system to open the gate with hand.


Technical characteristicsELIXO 500 kit standard 24 Vdc
Motor power supply24 Vdc
Power consumption70 W
Gear reduction ratio1/44
Gate speed12 m/min
Obstacle detectionElectronic torque limiter
Max. number of operations/day30
Control electronicsIntegrated with LCD display
Operating temperature-20°C to +60°C
Protection factorIP 54
RTS remote control frequency433.42 Mhz
Number of remote controls that can be memorized36


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