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SOLARWATT philosophy:

We believe that glass-glass-modules are the future. Already in 1998 we brought the first glass-glass-module to the market and meanwhile converted our module production completely to glass-glass.

Since 2016 we offer the first and only 300 Wattpeak glass-glass-module worldwide.

Why should you choose glass-glass-modules?

They are the most modern photovoltaic panels the market has to offer.The modules are characterized by:

•    Highest quality
•    Top resistance
•    Exceptionally reliable yield rates
•    Extreme durability
•    Optimal cell protection


The central advantage glass-glass-modules provide comes from the material itself: glass does not age,  so glass-glass-modules can easily last for several generations. The outer glass layers reliably prevent moisture and oxygen from penetrating the module surface. The cells are also protected against salt mist, ammonia and sand storms.

In SOLARWATT glass-glass-modules the use of glass on the top and bottom guarantees optimum cell  protection, preventing cell breakage and hotspots. Glass gives the modules exceptional resistance against even extreme environmental conditions.
By the way: so far, SOLARWATT’s glass-glass- modules are the only ones that have successfully passed
the large-hail test with 45 mm hail grains based on IEC61215.


SOLARWATT deliberately uses thinner glass on the front sides of its glass-glass-modules, which allows more light to penetrate them. How does that benefit you? Higher yields. A further advantage of thinner front glass is improved cooling. Solar cells supply more energy at lower temperatures, so this effect pays off in the form of higher yields as well. And last but not least, the anti-reflective glass SOLARWATT uses ensures that more light hits the cell – boosting your yields even more.

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