Zipato Zipabox Data Sheet

Everyone likes the idea to control their home from anywhere and automate routine home activities. Home protection, conserving energy and making life easier are clear benefits, but the real challenge is how to do it easily and cost effective.



Zipabox Gateway uses advanced technology to hide the complexity of home networking – delivering a simple smart home. It plugs into any outlet in the home and automatically talks to all the connected devices in the house, connecting them to the cloud so that consumers can control them using tablets, smart phones, computers or TVs— at home or on the go. Simple to install and easy use, Zipabox is far more cost-effective and feature-rich than traditional custom-install alternatives. Zipabox is the new brains of the
smart and connected home.

The Zipabox brings real value to consumers and service providers. It represents a
platform to connected services and service support. Consumers use it to manage their homes, and service providers use it to activate new services and capabilities on demand. Moreover, it allows service providers to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot issues—meaning faster, better support and less hassle for all


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