Wireless Keypad



Numeric Keypad

The numeric keypad allows you to arm or disarm the system by entering a user code.

Arming Keys

Three arming keys are available: Full, Part and Perimeter. These keys arm the system using one of the three arming methods. One-key arming is an option that is programmed by your installer. If this option is disabled, you must also enter a user code when arming.

Panic Alarm

Simultaneously pressing the Full and Perimeter buttons generates a panic alarm.


The cancel key clears the keypad in the event that you pressed a key by mistake. For example, when entering your code you enter a wrong digit, the system waits for you to enter all four digits before it decides that the code is incorrect. Pressing the cancel key causes the keypad to disregard what was previously entered enabling you to start again.

Battery status leds

Every time a key is pressed, one of the battery status less is lit. When the battery needs to be replaced, the red Low Battery Led is lit.


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