SOLARSKIΝ™ ™ provides complete restoration of the degenerated and “eroded” glass surface of photovoltaic and solar thermal components. Damage is usually caused by long-term use and the accumulation of dirt inside the panel through glass pores.

SOLARSKIΝ™ cleans photovoltaics and solar heating components in depth, restoring them to their original state, contributing indirectly to the increase of transmission of the radiation. Specifically, it decontaminates and polishes the surface, while at the same time it eliminates scratches and scrapes. After applying this innovative product, the glass returns to its original brand new condition and it looks as flawless as the moment it left the production line of the manufacturing plant, before it was exposed to outdoor environmental conditions. In contrast, the products of competitive brands do not restore the glass surface before the application of the coating; therefore theglass does not have the same flatness, the same transparency, or the same grip to the substrate it initially had.


A photovoltaic or a solar heating system is an investment that must maintain its original operating features in order to maximize its energy yield and the Return Of Investement.The common losses of the produced energy in photovoltaic systems are for instance: Due to the powder, from 1% to 10% in normal cases and up to 80% in extreme ones.

Because of glass corrosion, more than 0.3%-4.7% annually and up to 20% in extreme ones. Therefore, it is clear that investors face the problem of cost and time consuming cleaning of the PV modules along with the decrease in performance and their gradual deteorioration by the lack of proper cleaning maintenance.SOLARSKIΝ™ είναι ένα is a nano-technology product of the latest generation, in the field of protective coatings of glass photovoltaic surfaces and solar heating modules, which contributes to the increase of the systems’ performance.It reduces the required maintenance of the PV modules and at the same time protects them against deposits caused by hard water, environmental pollutants and the wear that occurs over time.

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