AT-R11 ISO 125 KHz Proximity Read-Only Card

AT-R11 Datasheet.pdf

The AT-R11 with Wiegand 26-Bit output format uses electromagnetic induction technology. It uses the energy it obtains by passing through the electro-magnetic field produced in the proximity of an EM card reader. Its ISO standard size enables surface printing with all ISO compatible card printers.
A semiconductor chip in each card houses a unique ID or CSN, which is printed on one of the faces of each AT-R11. The AT-R11 is crafted to the highest manufacturing standards using of the finest PVC materials under Rosslare’s ISO 9001:2000 certified quality standards.



  • Proximity passive 125 kHz RFID card with a unique CSN.
  • High strength design, made from durable PVC material.
  • Read range up to 80 mm (3.2 in), depending on antenna.
  • Meets ISO/IEC 10536 standard.
  • Glossy or matt surface finish.
  • Copper coil tuned antenna.
  • Compatible with a very wide range of EM readers.
  • Meets stringent quality assurance measures and uniform construction requirements.