Novagard 6

The Novagard 6 external sounder is designed for simple installation in today’s demanding requirements. The Novagard 6 range offers a choice of cover and lens colour options and a robust inner cover in a modern
low profile shape.
A built-in spirit level is contained within the sounder to ensure your unit is level, and a locking hinge and screwdriver holder act as a second pair of hands during installation.
Patent pending adjustable swivel screw-holes enable you to mount in a level manner in the event your drill slips. Engineer Maintenance Mode ensures you do not suffer from high sound output when the lid is removed.
Novagard GA Technology allows intelligent two-way communication via Active Technology between the sounder and RISCO Group control panels and is included as standard.

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  • Twin piezo sounders
  • Onboard Spirit Level
  • Encapsulated PCB
  • SAB/SCB selectable
  • Built-in Bell Tamper
  • Audible setting confirmation
  • Engineer mode select
  • 2 selectable sound options
  • Novagard GA Technology as standard
  • Cover & Wall Tampers as standard
Technical Specifications Novagard GA Technology explained RISCO Group’s unique GA technology provides intelligent remote configuration & diagnostics of the sounder from RISCO Group’s 800, 595, 490 and CPX Control Panels and from the Remote Software.

  • 2 selectable sounder tones
  • 4 selectable LED flashing sequences
  • Remote diagnostics of Hold-off voltage, Charge 
voltage and Battery voltage off-charge
  • Sounder automatically switches to Engineer maintenance mode, when Control Panel switches 
to Engineer mode
  • Up to 2 Sounders connected in Series
  • Standby current consumption:23mA
  • Maximum operating current (Sounder + Strobe):464mA
  • Sounder current:392mA
  • Sounder current (low current mode):200mA
  • Strobe current:72mA
  • Sounder level:113 dBA at 1m (109 dBA low current mode)
  • Strobe lens:Polycarbonate
  • Housing material:Polycarbonate with UV protection
  • Tamper:Front and Rear
  • Compatibility:All control panels


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