EL Wireless Vibration Detector-ELSHOCK

The Wireless Vibration Detector senses low-amplitude vibrations around vulnerable access points, setting off an alarm before an intruder has a chance to enter the premises. Sensitivity is adjusted to the local background noise during installation.

This detector provides an added value in that it sounds off during the first stage of a break-in attempt, before any damage can be done.



  • Model: EL2607
  • Power: 3.6V ½ AA Lithium Battery
  • Current Consumption: 25mA (transmission), 10µA (standby)
  • Antenna: Built-in Internal Whip
  • Transmitter Frequency: 868 or 433MHz FM
  • Transmissions: Alarm, Low Battery, Supervision
  • Alarm Delay During Normal Operation: Approximately 4 minutes
  • RFI Immunity: 40V/m
  • Operating Temperature: 0 – 60ºC
  • Dimensions: L-65mm x W-30mm x H-16mm
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