EC0010E Manual callpoint for outdoor installation

EC0010E Manual callpoint for outdoor installation Data Sheet

  • Addressable callpoint
  • Manual callpoint with resettable element. Weatherproof to IP67, suitable for outdoor installation.


EC0010E Manual callpoint for outdoor installation. ENEA series callpoints, as a result of advanced technologies based on new-generation microprocessors, represent the most advanced technology that fire detection equipment can offer today. Each device is identified by a unique factory-assigned serial number. Therefore, these devices do not require the use of an address programmer. The serial number is located on the device label and on two stickers which can be positioned on the system layout and on the mounting base. Once the loop wiring is complete, the EDRV1000 driver or SmartLoop/SmartLight control panel, assisted by LoopMap application, will enroll all the connected devices automatically and reconstruct a map showing the wiring order of the connected peripheral devices, “T” junctions and all the physical characteristics of the Loop. LoopMap technology allows you reconstruct the exact installation layout and thus create an easy-to-use, interactive loop map which greatly simplifies and speeds up searches relating to system faults and maintenance work. The innovative self-addressing serial function, developed by Inim’s R&D professionals, allows you to add new devices to an existing system without reprogramming it. In this way, the LoopMap specifications remain unchanged and the new devices are assigned available logical addresses (in order) and correctly positioned on the interactive map. The self-addressing “SERIAL” function eliminates many of the problems connected with the manual addressing procedure, such as time-consuming operations on rotary/DIP switches and errors caused by duplicated or wrong addresses and similar problems. Serial technology is more reliable than the traditional self-addressing method. Moreover, it facilitates system expansion, simplifies changes and assures greater flexibility and lower costs. Inim’s new technology combines the advantages of manual addressing with the cutting-edge efficiency of a self-addressing process. Fixed manual callpoint systems are used to integrate the automatic signalling capacities of fire detection systems, as described in UNI9795. Each zone must include a certain number of manual callpoints. At least one of these callpoints must be located in a place which can be easily reached from all parts of the zone, at a distance of not more than 30m in low to average risk environments and 15m in average to high risk environments. Alarm signalling is activated by pressing the transparent plastic fronteplate (no broken glass) and reset by means of the plastic key. The operating status analysis is carried out at the callpoint which transmits the completed report to the control panel. The weatherproof enclosure makes this device suitable for outdoor installation. The device is equipped with a line isolator which is capable of isolating eventual short-circuits on the loop.

Technical Feature

• Certification: LPCB EN54pt11/pt17. • Addressing method: serial self-address. • Line isolator: included. • Number of addresses: 240. • Max. cable diameter: 2X2 mm². • Power supply voltage: 19 – 30Vdc. • Current draw during standby: 80μA.


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