Q4: My children are spending a lot of time in the house alone. How can I provide basic security to them?

A: Our children, our treasures. Besides eating, providing safety to our children has been one of our primary concerns since the existence of humankind. We will not elaborate historically on this issue, but we can list some basic ideas on how someone can provide basic security to their children:

a. Use security, heavy duty locks at the entrance and not any type of normal duty locks.
b. Teach your children to ask who is at the entrance before they open and NEVER open doors to strangers no matter what they want! If there is no physical way to identify who is at the entrance, you can install a video and /or audio door phone system. This way you and your children will be able to monitor the entrance before you let anyone inside.
c. Security Cameras will additionally help as you will be able to check your entrance and/or your perimeter by local or even remote viewing of the cameras.
d. An Access Control System and/or an intruder security system will enhance the security but I think it will be too much as we are drifting away from “Basic”.

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