Q2: I have a security system but I am troubled by the FALSE ALARMS. What is wrong?

A: There are a few things that someone can do before calling a specialized installer to troubleshoot the problem. False alarms are usually triggered due to a sudden change in the environment of the detectors. Therefore, after a false alarm has been triggered, you need to remember whether you have relocated any assets inside the room (especially those that will cause sudden temperature change e.g. heaters, refrigerators, light reflection etc). Openings that are not well sealed will cause air from the external environment to flow inside or vice versa and will favor false alarm triggering. Have you relocated, modified or opened any component of the system? How long has it been since you last had your system maintained? These are also some factors that you need to consider. If you still have no clue as what the problem might be after having evaluated all the factors we have described above, then this is the time to call a specialist.

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