Q1: I have a wing/sliding gate that I want to automate. How do I choose the correct mechanism?

A: The choice of the correct mechanism will primarily depend on the type of the gate. There are mainly two types of gates; wing gates and sliding gates. Once you have identified the type of the gate you need, you will then be able to limit your choice between the two types. Then, you will need to decide on the utilization factor and weight of the gate. The utilization factor refers to the number of opening cycles the mechanism will need to perform per day. Both the utilization factor and weight capacity of the gates are technical specifications usually met in manufacturers’ data sheets. These two factors are taken into account by the installer upon proposing the proper type and model of the gate automation mechanism. Then, there is the operating voltage. Most of the mechanisms operate either under 230Volts or 24 volts. Whilst 230-Volt mechanisms are slightly cheaper and will offer better capacities regarding gate weight, 24-Volt mechanisms will offer better utilization factor, are safer (no risk for electric hazard) and the operating noise is noticeably lower.

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