Allmatic Wing Gate Automation XTILUS Offer

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Electromechanical gearmotor XTILUS for wing gates.
Ideal for residential use and collective use.

  • Refined mechanics: 4 – thread endless screw and gears are all metal, lubricated using special synthetic grease.
  • Warranty of silence, strength and reliability.
  • Structure totally on die casting of aluminum.
  • Easy and fast adjustment of limit switch.
  • Comfortable unlocking device with key.


XTILUS Electromechanical irreversible gearmotor 230 Vac. Structure completely made in die cast aluminium. High performance electrical motor. Refined mechanics with a 4 – thread endless screw for wings up to 3.5 m. Easily adjustable limit switch.

XTILUS version 230Vac. Kit is supplied with two remote control transmitters and one set of infrared safety beams. Intercoms, keypads and other access control van be eaasly interfaced with the BIOS2 control panel

Control unit

BIOS 2 Control unit for 1 or 2 wings gate. Electronic torque adjustment, extractable memory, functions selection through display, self–learning of strokes, differentiable slowing downs during opening and closing phase. Control unit with managing of a transmitter through the display. Adjustable obstacle detection, self-diagnosis of safety devices – BIOS 2 version 230Vac BIOS2 Instructions

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