Allmatic Sliding Gate Automation SIM24 Offer

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Allmatic Sliding Gate Automation SIM 24 SC is an electromechanical irreversible 24 Vdc gearmotor for sliding gates up to a weight of 400 Kg. SCOR.AS control unit with radio receiving module and electronic clutch with anti-squeezing security device is assembled on-board.

SIM electromechanical gearmotor for sliding gates with metal gears, ensuring high performance and reliability.

SIM 24 and SIM1 230

  • Safe: Limit switches both for opening and closing operations, slowing downs and current sensing (24 Vdc).

SIM 24

  • Clever: obstacles detection and automatic stroke programming.
  • Always ready to go: Operative without electricity thanks to rechargeable batteries, connected to the control unit by a battery charger card, through an easy to use connector with guided coupling.


Sophisticated pre-wired and protected electronic control unit.

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